Christopher Bush
Executive Director

Since 2008, Christopher has worked with 20-20 members and corporate and government leaders in emerging and frontier markets to develop value-added agendas for 20-20's two yearly events. Fostering solid relations with members is critical to Christopher's job, as 20-20 staff implement the desires of the membership as a whole.

As Executive Director, Christopher relies on his 14-year tenure with 20-20 as well as prior professional experience in emerging markets research and diplomacy. In his words, "we always aim to provide a first class, tailored experience for our members – one that builds on the past and introduces future trends."

Christopher lives in Tacoma, WA with his wife Sandra and two sons, Lucas and Sebastian.




Kathy Floyd
Program Manager

Kathy's two decades of service to the 20-20 organization symbolizes one simple premise – members always come first.

As Program Manager, Kathy works tirelessly to ensure that each and every member is receiving the highest level of service and support – whether it's from the home office or on the ground wherever 20-20 travels around the world.  With 30 years of experience in supporting distinguished global government and business leaders, Kathy brings the focus, flexibility and composure necessary to manage high profile programs in the US and emerging market countries.