“Visiting a country [Russia, 1998] at such a critical turning point, and being able to talk to peers who are trying to figure this out as well, and seeing the leadership struggle with the same thing – this was very useful to us.”

Vera Trojan
Wellington Management Company, LLP

“In over 20 years of participation for Prudential and SeaBridge, 20-20 has substantially improved my understanding of the complexities of emerging market investing. This is the professional payoff, which is in addition to the warm personal relationships developed with 20-20's top professionals from around the world.”

Garnett Keith
SeaBridge Investment Advisors

“To get prime minister- and president-level individuals and cabinet members, all in one trip, is very impressive. I’ve had several examples of where these meetings have influenced our investment portfolios.”

Ralph Layman
GE Asset Management

“There is still no substitute for face-to-face meetings and being able to engage in meaningful dialogue. In this respect, Russell 20-20 can continue to play a role to increase understanding between institutional investors and corporate and government leaders around the world.”

George F. Russell
Founder of 20-20

The association began with 20 corporate pensions and 20 asset managers from the US and Canada. Over the last two decades, 20-20 has evolved into a truly global organization with members representing a wide variety of financial institutions from all corners of the globe.

Artisan Partners
BNY Mellon
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Capital Group
Causeway Capital Management LLC
Development Partners International, LLP
Dodge & Cox
Future Fund Board of Guardians
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Lazard Asset Management
Merchant Adventure Investment Advisors, LLC
National Pension Service (Korea)
New York University
Quvat Management Pte Ltd
Renaissance Capital
Schafer Cullen Capital Management
Siguler Guff & Company
Skye Family Office, LLC
State Street Global Advisors
SUN Group
University of Washington
Washington State Investment Board
Wellington Management Company, LLP
Western University (The University of Western Ontario)
William Blair & Company, LLC
Yinhua Fund Management